Earthing and bonding

Backfill compound

TEKSAI ELECTRON (A Product of Teksai-India) TEKSAI BACKFILL COMPOUND Teksai backfill compound have two different type of high quality back fill compound, The Back Fill Compound contains Graphite based compound along with Calcium and sodium based minerals that ionize forming a strong electrolyte surface as per IS: 3042-1987. Teksai BackFill compound reduce soil resistance and create […]

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Teksai® chemical earthing

TEKSAI-INDIA Presents TEKSO-TUBE (PIPE IN PIPE CHEMICAL EARTHING ELECTRODE) TEKSO-TUBE Pipe in Pipe electrodes are designed using high-grade metal alloys and composition of several organic chemicals in adherence with international quality norms. Offered electrodes undergo stringent quality testing with our in-house testing facilities pertaining to company periodical. Available in varied designs, patterns and specifications; our electrodes are

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Copper bonded rods

TEKSO-ROD (COPPER BONDED ROD) TEKSO-RODS Copper Bonded Rod outer conductor layer is low-impedance copper and the center is higher impedance steel; the effect given by TEKSO-RODS is greater than that given by ordinary copper conductors permitting greater span lengths than with copper due to the inseparable union of the two metals. It deters theft since copper recovery is impractical and

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