Site visit & analysis

Understanding of the Site design, layout and their plan for electrical safety implementation all enable us to contribute efficiently; ensuring total Protection and Solution level is achieved.

Our project managers and superintendents work diligently with clients and analyze the products and plan alternatives to propose suggestions that provide value and best safety without compromising the aesthetics of your site.

Our Meaningful services bring Best safety, Value, potential cost savings, and informed decision-making to the client while eliminating surprises to provide you with a predictable outcome. We take the Site visit and analysis process very seriously, thinking outside the box to achieve your safety and solution needs in mind.

In each part of site visit and analysis, we prepare a comparative Safety study that includes an assessment and impact of lightning, surge in the area, soil conditions, and Area coverage analysis, resistivity analysis etc.

We offer a comprehensive Solution and breakdown of alternatives that weigh the safety and cost implications and take into consideration the safety requirements, product durability, and ease of operation for each suggestion.

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Supply and installation

Elsafe Protection and Control Systems is an accredited company which offers complete Supply , engineering and installation services of all Kinds of lightning protection devices, Surge Protection devices and grounding systems.We Supply World class quality, comprising our hugest range of products.

Our Stock management and Our Supply chain management is well appointed and best managed to Provide best customer experience and timely completion of Orders.

Our installation crews and field technicians perform all forms of exterior earth grounding and internal equipment bonding and grounding, including comprehensive turnkey installation service. Employees participate in continuing education and advancement courses and are ALLTEC Certified Master Installers.

Furthermore, our field technicians have ample comprehensive experience with installations of Surge Protection Devices which include Transient Voltage Surge Suppression (TVSS) equipments, AC power, telephone, RF & data service entrances.

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Testing and support

Elsafe Protection and Control Systems offers Lightning Protection device Continuity testing, complete ground testing services and provides after sale services and support for products sold under warrenty.

Our field technicians and engineers perform 3-point fall of potential tests, 4-point soil resistivity tests, and clamp-on resistance tests of grounding systems, as well as complete facility site survey and consulting services. Our staff is equipped with the latest testing equipment. Extensive experience in ground testing and design enables us to define exactly what grounding systems and improvements will work best for a facility, which effectively eliminates trial and error at the site, and reduces the overall cost of grounding system implementation.

Our after Sale Services for under warranty products is always delight to our customer experience, No Compromise services and support to our Customers has been our strength and will always be our foremost and most prior area.

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