Teksai® TEK1000

TEK1000 is a Solid Copper Air terminal lightning protection device of 300 mm long, connecting feature of 25 x 3 mm / 50 Sq mm down conductor internally assembled with 100 mm Spherical gap Copper ball with 4 numbers of flash protection spikes ”.diameter 100 mm long,

Teksai TEK1000 lightning arresters working on a simple principle of Benjamin Franklin, which states lightning charges nature of finding easiest path to earth from the nearest sharpest conductor from cloud clubbed with air gap balls, which gather charges from connected earth making lightning discharge more effective.


One entire system of TEK1000 can protect a built-up area of 3500 sq ft.


TEK1000 is fixed with 300 mm long-isolated fiberglass – reinforced plastic (FRP) mast. The isolated down conductor internally connected to the air terminal inside the FRP, 3 Meter GI Mast, and base Setting used for top area setting, down conductor used with insulation will be connected to 2 Nos of chemical earthing.


  1. Provides air terminal fitted to an isolated fiberglass-reinforced plastic (FRP) mast.
  2. Our Specially designed Masts offer natural isolation properties, high strength for windy sites and low weight to minimize mast loading.
  3. Features lower-cost and Best Results at the typical shorter installation requirements.
  4. Maintenance-free chemical earthing used for installation.
  5. Complies with EN SO 164- I and EN 50164-2.
  6. Approved By Central Power research institute- Bangalore (Govt. of India Lab).
  7. 5 Yrs Replacement warranty and 15 Yrs Service Warranty





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