Lightning protection system

Lightning strike counter

ALLTEC (LIGHTNING STRIKE COUNTER) Our Lightning six digit events counter is a device to be connected on the down-conductor. It allows the automatic counting of the strikes received by the lightning protection system. It’s included weather proof enclosure, internal protection and mounts to any flat surface. The lightning counter has been successfully tested in official […]

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Alltec® Terrastat

TerraStat® – Charge Dissipation Terminals TerraStat® is the latest design in lightning protection. Science and experience show that TerraStat® charge dissipation terminals, and the structures on which they are installed, are much less likely to sustain a direct lightning strike than unprotected structures or structures with traditional lightning protection. TerraStat® – Features Provides enhanced performance over traditional

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Teksai® TEK1000

Teksai TEK1000 lightning arresters working on a simple principle of Benjamin Franklin, which states lightning charges nature of finding easiest path to earth from the nearest sharpest conductor from cloud clubbed with air gap balls, which gather charges from connected earth making lightning discharge more effective.   One entire system of TEK1000 can protect a

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LSG® Thunderguard

Features: ThunderGuard series ESE Lightning Arrester, with unique design philosophy, adopts synthesis techniques of leader discharge, impedance to limit current, air-gap discharge etc to produce leader channel in advance, improve the lightning effect, reduce discharge voltage and change the discharge process of lightning current. Thus it broadens the lightning wave, flatten the leading wave, decrease

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Alltec® Terrastreamer

TerraStreamer® – Early Streamer Emission Terminal (ESE) Extensive research and development have allowed Alltec Corporation to create a lightweight and low wind loading ESE system to provide a safe and efficient manner of controlling dangerous lightning energy before it damages structures or its important contents, including human occupants. By utilizing advanced technology, TerraStreamer® ESEs provide lightning

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